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ASMR – Eye Doctor Roleplay (Optometrist) Check Up

You can’t blame the doctor for being gone…. look at all the apples you’ve been eating!

Dr. PJ is back, this time to make sure your eyes are doing fine.
Just after 30 minutes of studying I was fully certified to conduct this exam. Trust me I’m a doctor!

I thought I would try out a little bit more editing in the video, just because it is a hi-tech doctor appointment, I know it’s not the best but as always I hope it advanced the overall ASMR experience.

Today we will be looking at:
1:21 – administration
5:15 – quick light exam
7:22 – phoropter (lens test)
11:50 – Eye chart
15:30 – Full light trigger exam
20:31 – Image Test
23:45 – light extravaganza

I am so glad that my videos can aid in your sleep and relaxation.
However just because I do doctor roleplays does not mean I am one.
Mental health is serious, talk to a licensed, professional therapist here: http://betterhelp.go2cloud.org/SH3P
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What is ASMR?

To me ASMR is an art form, just as a movie can put you in a different state of mind, so can ASMR. The difference being, movies achieve this state of mind as a byproduct, while ASMR strives to find those bits and amplify them. Over the years ASMR has greatly evolved from a simple tingle to a full body and mind experience. With an infinite amount of genres designed to help you, most popularly it can be used for relaxation, focus, motivation, stress and anxiety relief.

As the asmr community rapidly grows so does it’s understanding. No longer is asmr a guilty pleasure but rather a scientifically studied and proven method of relaxation as a branch of meditation. As a follower of ASMR you know just how beneficial it can be first hand, and if you are new, I greatly encourage you to step into this new world with and open mind… just be sure you’re ready for it to be blown.

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