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Freedom from Glasses with best Laser, Relex SMILE Lasik at Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India

This video is about a Doctor’s Journey to “Freedom from Glasses”.
The SMILE Lasik journey starts with Dr Poonam planning to undergo the best Lasik Surgery – SMILE Lasik. She visits one of the most advanced and best Lasik laser Centres in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai, India. Smile lasik is the bladeless, flapless lasik with best safety profile and least complications after laser eye surgery.
Dr Poonam first gets a Pre-lasik checkup for safety and fitness for SMILE Lasik Surgery. She is then examined by Dr Vandana Jain, one of the best Lasik Surgeons in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Dr Vandana Jain explains the procedure, analyses the test results and then gives Dr Poonam the go ahead. The SMILE Lasik surgery just takes five minutes – a bladeless, flapless and painless affair indeed!
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Freedom from glasses – The SMILE Lasik way

Relex Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (Relex Smile or more popularly known as Smile Lasik) is a new generation laser vision correction method in which a femto second laser (a specialized laser) is used. It is performed using the Visumax machine made by Carl Zeiss.

How is SMILE laser surgery performed:

The Visumax machine makes a small cut in the cornea using femto laser which measures less than 3 mm in length. Along with this, a lenticule or a disc shaped tissue of the cornea is created in the same step. The lenticule thus created is then removed through the cut. After the lenticule is removed, the form of the cornea changes. This causes changes in the cornea necessary to correct the refractive error in the eye.

Advantages of the SMILE lasik procedure over other lasik laser surgeries:

Better choice for persons with higher refraction values
80% smaller cut as compared to older techniques
Does not affect the stability of the cornea too much
Reduced severity of dry eyes after the procedure
Less chance of infections or ingrowth of tissue
Faster healing of cornea

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