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Morning Skin Care Routine

The products and DIYs that I use are:


**Keep in mind that this video was filmed during the winter months. I wouldn’t DARE walk onto my front porch in the spring/summer months without 50spf. 🙂

Aloe Gel mixed with Glycerin:
In a 1.2oz spray bottle I fill 3/4 with Aloe Gel and add 6 drops of Glycerin
*Lakewood Organics Pure Aloe Gel http://bit.ly/1m59sB1
*Glycerin http://bit.ly/1OXmCdN

Under eye coffee mixture: (I didn’t use measurements)
Garnier Moisture Rescue http://amzn.to/1ZZWiT6
Fresh coffee grounds
Jojoba oil

Eye Cream:
H.E.B. Dead Sea Skin Care Lift and Illuminate Eye Cream http://bit.ly/1OypNtl

Face Cream:
Derma e Vitamin A Retinyle Palmitate Crème

Interesting Articles about the Benefits of Bananas :

Interesting facts about Aloe Vera:

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