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San Jose Lasik facilities make it convenient for those in the area to receive excellent vision treatments to improve their eyesight.

In the world we live in perfection comes in many forms, but when it comes to the human anatomy some perfection comes naturally, other perfection must be obtained. Vision is no exception to that rule and with today’s advancement in vision technology and the surgeries that have been perfected from those advancements just about everyone can now throw away their glasses and contacts. Such is the beauty of Lasik surgery.

Once the decision has been made to commit to this type of procedure many wonder what to expect after the surgery is complete. Will they be able to see immediately? How long does it take to heal? How long do the results last? Are there complications? If so, what kind and how are they treated? As with any kind of surgery there is the possibility of post-op problems but in the case of Lasik surgery these types of incidents are rare for the majority of patients. Immediately after surgery the patient should note improvement in eyesight. Hazy vision may be experienced for several days after the surgery.

As most Lasik San Jose centers will tell you, complete stabilization of the eyes normally occurs between 4 and 6 weeks post-op, sometimes longer, but normal activities can be resumed one or two days after surgery in most cases. About 1% of patients experience dry eyes but these patients are also the ones who experienced this problem before surgery. Night blindness and seeing halos around lights when driving at night can happen immediately after surgery but resolve within a few months for 99% of the patients receiving Lasik surgery. Eyes are covered for the first day after surgery to make sure no foreign objects can enter the eye. Pain is rarely a problem but watering of the eyes and a mild burning or gritty sensation may be experienced for 2 to 12 hours after surgery. The best resolution for this is to rest in a dark room or take a nap soon after surgery is complete. Patients are given guards to wear at night to keep them from rubbing their eyes. There is always the risk of developing and eye infection so eye drops are administered for about four days to control inflammation and help to avoid infection.

How long this procedure will last varies from patient to patient. Whether or not a patient will still need glasses as an assist after surgery depends on the individual circumstances also. Older patients may need glasses just to read up close or glasses may be needed for driving at night. There is no way to determine what may need to be done, if anything, until after the surgery is complete and eyes have had time to stabilize. Eyes continue to age normally and the prescription can change slightly from one year to the next, in which case glasses may be required or there is always the option of corrective enhancement surgeries. Comparing the risks to the benefits, what is to be expected after Lasik surgery is better vision and the benefits of that far out weigh any risks that might arise. Work closely with your surgeon, discuss your concerns and follow his directions concerning post operative care. These small details will help to insure that your outcome will be the very best it can be and so will your eyesight.

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