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Skincare Routine 2016 | Jessica Clements

Skincare Routine 2016 | Jessica Clements
I thought it was about time to do an updated skin care routine for you guys! All products are linked below! Enjoy.

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My previous skincare routine – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpSZM1jdczo

Products I Mentioned:

Morning routine:
Foreo Luna Mini – http://bit.ly/29pNx6d
Simple Face Wash – http://bit.ly/29r0vgt (Dying for this deal because they are SO expensive in NYC)
Simple Face Wipes – http://bit.ly/29pOI5y
Herbivore Botanicals Toner – http://bit.ly/29pNZS1
Origins Original Skin Serum – http://bit.ly/29r0Akf
Depuffing Eye Roller – http://bit.ly/29r0Gsj
Origins Acne Treatment – http://bit.ly/29pOjjX
Clearasil Acne Treatment – http://bit.ly/29pNK9J
Cover FX Serum Sunscreen – http://bit.ly/29pOqfj
Carmex Lip Balm – http://bit.ly/29pOawA
Bite Beauty Lip Mask – http://bit.ly/29pO8F9

Evening Routine:
Simple Face Wash – http://bit.ly/29r0vgt
Herbivore Botanicals Toner – http://bit.ly/29pNZS1
Origins Night-a-mins Oil – http://bit.ly/29pO8F9

Masks & Misc:
Origins Original Skin Mask – http://bit.ly/29pO7B9
Origins Charcoal Mask – http://bit.ly/29pNk2U
Milk Urban Defense Mask – http://bit.ly/29pOZpv
Avon Overnight Mask – http://avon4.me/1CTLkE0
Kiko Milano Scrub & Peel Wipes
Choosy Lip Masks – http://bit.ly/29pPjo9 – http://bit.ly/29pPQ9t
Sephora Eye Masks – http://bit.ly/29pP4sY
Leaders Masks – My faves are the Acai, Melon, & Coconut – http://bit.ly/29r1lKl

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